Honoring Our Heroes

American Sportsman honors the Heroes that serve our Great Nation

We are Grateful.....



Since 2017 American Sportsman LLC has been proud to be a part of the First Responder/Military Programs with Smith and Wesson, FN America, Remington and Walther. In Addition to participating in these manufacturers’ programs, we always offer a First Responder Discount to Active and Retired Heroes on all Retail Items in our shop and on Special Orders placed through our store. Now, we are excited that we can offer that same Discount on Purchases placed on our website.

To register for our American Heroes Discount Program please complete the form below. Once the form is submitted you will be emailed a Coupon Code to be used at checkout every time you make a purchase on-line.


Please note, you will be asked to provide your First Responder Identification upon picking up your order.

The Entire Team at American Sportsman LLC want to Thank You for Your Service to Our Great Nation…