DSSA - Delaware State Sportsman's Association


The DSSA promotes and protects the interests of gunowners in and around Delaware. If you believe in and want to maintain the private ownership of firearms, or simply hunt and fish, DSSA is for YOU.

Protect OUR rights


DSSA Civil Rights Defense Fund

The DSSA Civil Rights Defense Fund is a special fund established for the purpose of providing financial resources in support of litigation in Delaware’s various courts where the right to keep and bear arms is at issue. In today’s society the fight to protect our God-given right to keep and bear arms for lawful purposes is not confined to the political arena alone, but resides within the judicial arena too. As the man said, “Lawyer’s ain’t cheap” and with the recent election results, we are guaranteed to have a court fight coming. Please help DSSA continue to fight for OUR rights by donating today!