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CCDW22-06-04 - $175.00

Delaware Concealed Carry Course

June 4th and 5th

The Delaware State Attorney General Approved CCDW course with a USCCA Certified Instructor covering the following material:

Curriculum Description
Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals is a comprehensive course for anyone considering owning or carrying a firearm for self-defense. The course is a complete guide to understanding conflict avoidance and situational awareness home security and home defense handgun, shotgun and AR-15 basics shooting fundamentals the physiology of violent encounters the legal aspects of using deadly force (including knowing what to do in the aftermath) and a complete guide on gear, gadgets, and ongoing training.

Class Description
The firearms training course includes the following elements:

  • Instruction regarding knowledge and safe handling of firearms
  • Instruction regarding safe storage of firearms and child safety
  • Instruction regarding knowledge and safe handling of ammunition
  • Instruction regarding safe storage of ammunition and child safety
  • Instruction regarding safe firearms shooting fundamentals
  • Live fire shooting exercises conducted on a range, including the expenditure of a minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition.
    • You must provide your own firearm and ammunition
  • Identification of ways to develop and maintain firearm shooting skills
  • Instruction regarding federal and state laws pertaining to the lawful purchase, ownership, transportation, use and possession of firearms
  • Instruction regarding the laws of this State pertaining to the use of deadly force for self-defense and
  • Instruction regarding techniques for avoiding a criminal attack and how to manage a violent confrontation, including conflict resolution. Note that live fire exercises will be conducted at local firing range.

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